how to use hoover carpet cleaner

How to Use Hoover Carpet Cleaner: the Best way

You have to clean your carpet at least once a year to look it new & fresh. Sometimes your carpet looks fresh after a long time use but it may be dirty and unhygienic to use because the dust can be hiding inside it. You can use a Hoover carpet cleaner to easily wash and rinse your carpet. But before that, you have to know how to use Hoover carpet cleaner. While you know the proper use of a rented or purchased carpet cleaner it will be very easy for you to clean your carpet avoiding damage to your carpet and furniture. Hoover carpet cleaner uses water & cleaning solutions to remove the dirt & stains from your carpet. In this article, we will discuss the most effective way to use a Hoover carpet cleaner.

Step 01. Prepare your floor for cleaning.

At first, you have to prepare your floor for the cleaning arrangement. Below is the three-step procedure to
prepare your floor for cleaning.

(A). Purchase Cleaning solutions according to your need.

There are different types of carpet cleaning solutions available in the market based on different
needs. Some solution can treat pet stains and odors, some can remove tough food stains or for general
cleaning. You may use the different brand solutions as you like but Hoover suggests using their cleaning solutions to
get the most effective cleaning.

(B). Move the furniture out of your cleaning area.

Move all your furniture out of the cleaning area first to get all the space cleaned properly. If not possible
then move half of the furniture and clean this area first then when dry replace your furniture on that
half and clean the other half. You must ensure wrapping the legs of furniture in plastic wrap to prevent
the wood stain or finish from bleeding your wet carpet.

(C). Vacuum the area.

As the Hoover carpet cleaner can’t be used as dry vacuum cleaner you can use a regular vacuum cleaner
to vacuum the area thoroughly before using the Hoover carpet cleaner.

Step 02. Filing the Vacuum Machine.

(A). Place the Carpet cleaner on a tile floor for avoiding spills.

When you fill or dispose of the tank, liquid might spill. Avoiding such kinds of spills, place the Carpet cleaner
on a tile or linoleum floor. It is not wise to place the cleaner on hardwood floors that can damage your

(B). Filling the tank

Every Hoover Cleaner has two water tanks, a clean water tank, and a dirty water tank. First, remove the
clean water tank by pressing the lock button and then fill the tank with hot water.

(C). Add a cleaning solution to the compartment.

Depending on the model, Some Hoover carpet cleaner has a separate compartment for adding the cleaning solutions and some have to use the existing water tank to pour the cleaning solutions. Please use the
cap provided with the cleaning solution to measure how much the solution you need. Then place the filled
tank with cleaning solutions properly on the Hoover to avoid leaks.

Step 03. Washing Your Carpet.

(A). Wash Mood

Sometimes your carpet cleaner has multiple settings. First, set your carpet cleaner in the “WASH” mood.
Step on the pedal to lower the handle and then turn the cleaner on to start cleaning.

(B). Release Cleaning Solutions.

After starting the cleaner, squeeze the trigger as you push the cleaner forward slowly, this will release
the cleaning solutions as required. Keep this wet stroke while vacuuming and cover small areas first.

(C). Lift the Dirt.

Now, you have to pull the cleaner back over the same area while squeezing the trigger to lift the dirt and
debris from your carpet. If you have really a tough stain, do one more stroke forward and one more
backward. Continue this procedure until you see a little dust on your carpet. Refill your water tank and
cleaning solutions as needed.

(D). Dispose the Dirty Water Tank

When you hear a different sound coming from your vacuum, you may assume that the dirty water tank
may be full. Press the unlock button to detach the dirty water tank, empty it and rinse it before
replacing it

Step 04. Final Part: Drying Your Carpet.

(A). Rinse Mood

In order to dry your carpet, switch your cleaner to “RINSE“ mood. You don’t need to refill the clean
water tank if your cleaner has this switching mood. If your cleaner doesn’t have this setting, you have to
refill your clean water tank with warm water but before doing this first you have to detach the tank,
empty and rinse it then replace the tank with hot water. 

(B). Allow time to Dry Completely.

Allow sufficient time to fully dry your carpet. You can accelerate this process by pointing a full-speed fan
at the carpet. Make sure your carpet is completely dry before placing the furniture or walking on it
otherwise it will make it dirty again.

Please follow the instruction properly to clean your carpet effectively. Clean and dry the tanks thoroughly after use can prevent bacteria build up in your cleaner. You can visit carpet cleaning queens for more info about various cleaning services.

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