How Much Is Carpet Cleaning Cost

Essential Guide to know How Much Is Carpet Cleaning Cost? The Best Guide in 2020.

Your beautiful carpet builds up dirt, dander, and allergens daily and it needs a deep clean once a year depending on the number of pets you have and traffic, commercial carpets need more. But, when you think that it’s time to clean your carpet to remove dirt or stain the first thing your mind pops up that “How much is carpet cleaning cost?” Yes, for your convenience, we prepared this guide to completely understand the ins and outs of average carpet cleaning costs. Please read through the whole article to get a complete idea.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Price

Generally, professional carpet cleaning company charges based on either the size of the room or per square footage of the carpet. You may expect to pay $170 for an average three-bedroom house whereas a whole house can cost $250 to &550. Sometimes there some extra cost can be added like moving furniture. If you want to keep your cost down you have to move all your furniture own.

Cleaning Cost Per Room

The average carpet cleaning cost per room is between $25 to $70 per room. Sometimes, a very large room charged as two rooms.

Cost per Room

Number of RoomsCarpet Cleaning Price Range

Cost Per Square Foot

You can expect to pay $0.25 to $0.45 per square footage of a carpet. If you are interested to clean your carpet by per square foot just inform us, Carpet Cleaning Queens visit your house to measure and calculate the actual carpet size and provide you a free estimate.

Cost Per Square Footage

Square FootageBudget Range

You have to add extra cost if your home is smaller or one to two-bedroom home. The reason for the added fees is transportation costs and cleaning material expenses.

Prices based on Cleaning Methods.

In addition to the surface area, you have to expend extra budget depending on which carpet cleaning methods you choose. Professional Cleaners uses various methods like steam cleaning, dry cleaning, carbonated cleaning etc.

Carpet Cleaning Price List
Cleaning MethodBudgetBenefit
Steam Cleaning$95-$495Deep clean methods, keeping warranty intact.
Shampoo Cleaning$75-$395If your carpet have heavy stains, this process will work well.
Dry Cleaning$70-$340Quick Cleaning method, surface-level clean that dries quickly. Low moisture.
Carbonated Cleaning$120-$545Carbonation chemicals lift all dirt from the fabrics.

Commercial carpet cleaning cost per square foot.

The cost of commercial carpet cleaning ranges between $.10 to $.20 per square foot. The rate is much lower compared to residential carpet cleaning costs. Few factors are responsible for this cost cut.

01. Commercial surface generally has few furniture, so the surfaces tend to be easier to access..

02. Surface areas are bigger, resulting some economy in cleaning materials.

Contact Carpet Cleaning Queens today to get a more specific quote.

Factors that impact the cleaning cost.

When you requesting a quote please ask about some of these factors that can impact on your expected budget.

Furniture moving

Generally, the cleaning professionals you hire will move small pieces of furniture as a part of their job but if you have heavy furniture that requires moving out of the room it requires extra cost. So, make sure to ask the cost in total when getting the quote.

Types of Carpet

Based on the carpet type you have to pay the cleaning cost, cause different types of carpet needs different types of care.

Cotton and Wool: Cotton & Wool carpet is the most difficult types of carpet to clean. It cost of cleaning is around $95 to $145.

Cut and Level Loop: Cut and Level Loop carpet cleaning cost is around 55 to 115.

Berber carpet: Berber Carpet cleaning cost is around $80. Easiest to clean.

Stair Carpet Cleaning:

Stair Carpet Cleaning needs extra charges, so be sure to ask the price before getting the quote.

Be sure to consider all of these matters while booking a professional carpet cleaning company. Make sure, you know all about the estimates.

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